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                                                                                                                                                     10, 11, 12 November 2021


Streamed sessions three (11:40 - 12:30)

3A: Communications and IT systems

Improve efficiencies through centralising communications and IT systems

3B: Growth

Ensure efficient and sustainable growth while avoiding pitfalls

Nick MacKenzie, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP

3C: Getting your finances right as you grow your Trust

  • How do you put in place the right budgets to ensure you have the capacity to grow, without placing yourself at risk?
  • What changes will I need to make to the way we work?
  • Ensuring all children benefit when financial pressures are different in different schools.

Stephen Mitchell, Director, Keystone Knowledge

3D: Teaching and learning

Build a culture that boosts motivation, learning and confidence

Bradley Busch, Registered Psychologist and Director, Innerdrive

3E: Governance

Unpack an alternative model for local governance that seeks to enhance the views of key stakeholders and provides Board members with a greater understanding of community issues that impact on their strategic role

Simon O'Keefe, Education Consultant