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                                                                                                                                                     10, 11, 12 November 2021


Streamed sessions four (12:40 - 13:30)

4A: Centralisation

Ensure centralisation which has children at its heart and drives educational impact

Centralisation - is it inevitable, and how to master it?

  • What does it mean for us?
  • Unlocking potential, time, money, and focus on children.
  • What battle scars can I learn from?

Stephen Mitchell, Director, Keystone Knowledge

4B: Wellbeing and retention

Strategies to ensure the best working environments to support staff wellbeing, boost retention and promote talent

David Weston, Founder and Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust

Michelle Barker, Network Programmes Lead, Teacher Development Trust

4C: Procurement

Learning lessons from Covid and looking forward to the future of procurement post Brexit

Matthew Wolton, Partner, VWV

4D: Transforming a Trust through a shared model of school improvement

From RI to Outstanding: Transforming your Trust through a shared model of school improvement, sharing lessons learned from the journey of North Shore Academy

Rob Tarn, Chief Executive, Northern Education Trust

4E: Achieving a One Trust focus

The culture of an organisation should flow from its values and ethos. In a MAT, this means the values and ethos of the Trust as one organisation.

This session will explore the importance of a one trust vision and how to achieve a balance of being one robust organisation with a strong brand and identity, while acknowledging that and the importance of local community.

Sam Henson, Director of Policy and Information, National Governance Association