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                                                                                                                                                     10, 11, 12 November 2021


Streamed sessions two (15:40 – 16:30)

2A: MAT dividend

A look at what a multi-academy trust is providing for each and every child within it, from a whole academy rather than an individual school point of view. Embark Federation have brought income in through fundraising and sponsorship and used this to organise amazing and life changing  events for their children. This practical workshop will allow you to think of opportunities for your own trust as well as leaving you with a handout of ideas to take away.

Matt Crawford, CEO, Embark Federation

Rosie McLaughlin, Fundraising, Marketing and Events Manager, Embark Federation

2B: Talent management 

Working with staff to create excellence for children by effectively managing talent, triggering passion and exciting improvement

Jo Morgan, CEO, Shaw Education Trust

2C: Energy management

Drive economies of scale within energy management across the whole Trust and promote sustainability

2D: SEND review

Effectively evaluate the quality of provision for, and outcomes of, learners with SEND across the trust

Natalie Packer, Education Consultant, SEND and School Improvement

2E: Reputation and brand management

Build your reputation to attract and retain both pupils and staff by ensuring accountability to your stakeholders