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                                                                                                                                                     10, 11, 12 November 2021


Streamed sessions one (12:10 - 13:00)

1A: Innovation and collaboration

Unpack the lessons from innovating at speed and gain strategies to collaborate for change

Matt Hood OBE, Founder and Principal, Oak National Academy

1B: Coaching

Instructional coaching for trust-wide school improvement: learnings from the field

  • How we established a culture to support coaching.
  • The scope and sequence of actions we took to develop coaching as a school improvement tool.
  • Some of the mistakes we made and how to avoid them.

Mark Gregory, Regional Director for Secondary (Birmingham), Ark Schools and Platinum Faculty Member of the Leverage Leadership Institute

1C: Managing risk and reward

Make cash reserves work for you in a low-interest rate environment and manage risk and reward

Ian Buss, Founder and Director, Education Banking Consultancy

1D: Impactful Curriculum design

Research-informed primary curriculum underpinned by powerful knowledge, core skills and great pedagogy

  • Why? Exploring the rationale for curriculum change - what does research suggest about curriculum?
  • How? Thinking about pedagogy and the role of cognitive science research in the taught curriculum.
  • What? Designing curriculum content, sequences, schemes and maps.

Stef Edwards, Trust Leader, Learn Academy Trust

1E: Mergers and partnerships

A look at mergers between smaller MATs and an exploration of the principle of partnerships and the impact on office functions and staffing

John McDermott, Finance Director, Robin Hood Trust

Steve Taylor, CEO, Robin Hood Trust